Application Steps For Sixup Student Loans

To apply for Sixup, there certain steps you must follow. To begin, you have to visit Sixup’s site and click Apply at the top of the page. Before you fund the particular semester you need, make sure that Sixup is accepting application at the moment.

If it’s too early, reach out to Sixup and ask when the application you need will be available. But if Sixup is accepting applications at the moment, then create a profile, read the terms of service, and click on Sign me up.

Follow the directions to fill out the application. You will have to wait to receive an email with instructions to fill out a more comprehensive application which is only for the qualified applicant. Sixup, in response notifies you if you are qualified or if you need to apply with a cosigner as soon as you submit the detailed application.

The next step basically belongs to Sixup. They will reach out to your school to check out on you and verify your expenses. After some days, you will receive your loan documents for signing.


Sixup was started in an effort to assist keep some students from struggling the way they did. This is why their focus is on first-generation and low-income college students.

In summary, it is pertinent to sa that the unique attribute of Sixup is that the company does more than just provide student loans. They also help students transfer to better schools, succeed in school, and find better jobs after they graduation.

Make sure to traverse all options left before considering a private student loan. In as much as Sixup is an authentic company with an outstanding process, there is a limit to what you can take as a student loan.
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