Astra Finance Review 2020: is astra Finance Legit

Finance is the bedrock of every achievement and success. Hence, without finance, the creative, talented and focused person is handicapped to express his prowess effectively. However, the wise students try as much as possible to put aside some cash no matter how small.

To save is to......

Therefore, the students who endeavors to save money in college particularly for the purpose of investing after schooling are regarded as the wise ones.

In as much as, there is massive improvements in the financial institutions over the past couple of years due to the advent of technology, it becomes annoying to see some financial tasks remain cumbersome or stressful and annoying especially the financial task in relation to automated savings.

However, this post is to review the possibilities and abilities in saving money automatically.

In this regard, there are many investing platforms and apps that can be useful by students to save money but from recent research, Astra finance is the newly discovered app that works to create a better way to save money while making money. I am obliged to say that Astra Finance has created a tool that I would genuinely recommend if you want to achieve with savings goals.

To help you and to help the wise students who need an automated finance saving app knowledge, this review is what you need to understand all about Astra Finance and how you can easily save money with the app.

Brief overview of Astra Finance

Astra is an intuitive app that automates finances across all personal accounts. Hence, Astra Finance is a personal finance app that allows users to automatically save money by automatic transfers of money from any checking account to any savings account as programmed by the person. It has an interactive platform for users to set up “savings” routines directly in the app. For example, you might set a routine that transfers $200 per month into your high yield savings account. The app will require you to tag your saving routine a name, especially a name that motivates you. You might call the routine "Investment" or "After school finance"

The mission of Astra Finance is to help students who wants to save but find it difficult to save. Saving difficulties and inconsistency has been bridged with this system of automation. Astra finance accomplishes this in two ways: Allows you to link all of your financial accounts together and Enables automated transfers between those connected accounts based on programmed smart triggers and routines. Astra finance is not a bank app and it works with any bank. Also, there is no attached or charged fee for the service of automating your finances across your accounts and if you have several financial accounts and would like to spend less time moving money between them, Astra is the best option.

Is Astra Finance Legit Or Scam?

In as much as the registration process is free and the acceptance criteria is flexible, then you can agree that it is legit. Astra provides less friction using its automation process to help personal expenses. Today, many college students and individuals who desire to save depend on this app.
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