How is Astra Finance funded?

Astra Finance is owned run by Astra Financial. Astra Financial Corporation however, is the brand for the financial service division of PT. Astra International Tbk.

It is one of seven Astra’s business lines; Automotive, Heavy Equipment, Mining, Construction, Energy, Agribusiness, Infrastructure and Logistics, Information Technology, and Property. Historically, it established PT Raharja Sedaya, its first move into the Financial Services Business in 1982, and the purchase of the majority share of PT. Maskapai Asuransi Astra Buana which established in 1956.

Ultimately, Astra Financial’s role is to encourage the development of business units individually, as a family under Astra Financial, or even as a corporate under Astra.

Astra general mission

Astra Finance opined thar their general mission is to make your finances more intelligent, empowering, and personal.


Personal finance contains problems of scale and complexity, so Astra should be smart. Our tech should enable your desired actions to be automated and leverage user-defined rules to save time and reduce stress. It should also utilize predictive capabilities to proactively engage you (like autocomplete in the Google search bar) wherever it will add value.

With Astra, you can set up an “Action” that will transfer $x funds from one of your accounts to another. This can be a one-time or recurring Action and can send funds to a traditional bank account or a specific goal you define in the app.


You need to feel you are always in control of whats happening across all your goals and all your accounts. Astra makes you feel like you have the information you need — like the balances of your checking, savings, and credit cards or the status of your transfers — clearly presented and at your fingertips at all times.

In addition, the Astra app will send you push notifications about your Astra wallet balance and transfers so you’re always up to date on what’s happening with your money.


It is important, Personal finance remain personal. Hence, your personal finance app should give you the customization and flexibility you need, as well as help you have a bigger picture juxtaposed with financial expenses of all your bank accounts transactions.  All the tools of the app is driven by the unique decisions while setting up the routine so as to make the app more useful and easier. Hence, with this app you can manage the movement of your money the way you prefer.
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